Thursday, 17 April 2014

Homework 17-04-2014

·      Inferential Questions Worksheet (by Tuesday)

·      Assignment 7.2
Question 4 (b) Add in your diagram: the upper most line segment has a length of 20 meters.
Question 6 Add at the end of the question: [Take π =3.142]
Question 7 (b) (i) Show that the radius, r, of the cone is 5 cm.
Question 10, the labeling of letters and the length of the left most line segment was not shown properly. They should be A, 220, E respectively from the top to the bottom.

·      Physics Common Test Practice Paper

Integrated Humanities:
·      Complete IH Revision Package (See IH Folder)
·      Complete 04B: Sun Yat-sun

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