Monday, 10 March 2014

T1W10 CE Lesson - Cyber Wellness

Activity 1:Sense - Online Dangers

1. Watch the video
Observe the following as you watch the video:
(a) What are the nature of the cyber dangers presented in this scenario?
(b) Why do you think the girl succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim?
(c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online?

2. Discuss
When you receive a "friend" invitation from someone you do not seem to know
(a) Would you reject the invitation immediately?
(b) What would you do if he/ she claims to be your friend's friend or someone who is a 'headhunter'*?
(c) If there is a need to verify the identity of this person, how would you go about doing it? 

3. Discuss and post in padlet
c) If there is a need to verify the identity of this person, how would you go about doing it? 

Link to Padlet:

Activity 2: THINK - Digital Footprints (I)

1. Complete the survey My Digital Dossier  as you watch the video.

Activity 3: THINK - Digital Footprints (II)

In groups of 4 to 5, you are assigned to one of the following Case Studies: "Amy Cheong" or "Anton Casey"

1. Read the assigned article, bearing in mind of the following questions:
  • What was shared online - was it meant for their own circle of "friends" or was it meant to be shared and discussed by the public?
  • How did the post get circulated beyond the original group of audience?
  • What were the reactions from the netizens? Why did they react in this manner?
  • Besides "Amy Cheong" and "Anton Casey", who else  could feel the impact of the reaction from the netizens, directly and indirectly? How did they react to this issue?
2. Pen down your responses to the above in the handout provided. Take a picture of your discussion and post it in the Padlet below.

Remember to indicate your class and the names of the group on the handout.

Link to Padlet:

Activity 4: ACT - What I Can Do

Through activities 1 & 2, we learnt 
  • how easy we can create and leave our digital footprints in the cyber space
  • the potential dangers and consequences when we left the 'undesirable' footprints, which can cause short term or long term impact on us.
You are going to...
1. pen down one thing that you would change (e.g. your habit) to leave a positive digital footprint on the sticky card provided.
  • Remember to sign off with your name.
2. Stick the card to the cardboard given. One of you will take a picture of the work and post it in Padlet below. 

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