Monday, 17 February 2014

Homework 17-02-2014

Assignment 3.2 (due on Wednesday)
Quadratic Equation Notes till Page 18

Electricity Worksheet till Page 5 (tomorrow)

Integrated Humanities:

Interdisciplinary Research Studies:
Complete Minutes of Meeting (at least 5)
Complete the 5 Summaries of Research
Complete Research Proposal
Complete Literature Review (ongoing)
(due tomorrow)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
Link to the Business Plan Template
Link to an example of a Good Business Plan
Link to an example of a Business Plan that can be improved

Homework 1: Survey

  • Develop a survey form for your product/service. Minimum 10 and maximum 15 questions
  • Email Ms Choo ( your questions for clearance of the survey questions
  • Make sure you have this in your form: "Disclaimer: This survey is entirely an I&E Project for academic purposes only. No real product/service shown in this survey is being manufactured or sold."
Homework 2: Business Plan

Write an introduction of your business in report format (in the template provided) consisting of:

  • Business Description (what are you selling? Provide a brief description of your product/service)
  • Business Structure (ownership and funding): Justify why your business is selected in this structure.
  • Business Type (B to B) or (B to C)
  • Location (Address of your business/office)
  • Market (Local/National/Global)
(due on Thursday)

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