Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Homework 02-09-2014


PP Energy Issue Comprehension (with Summary)Editing Worksheet
Reflective Essay (Group) Draft 1
(from Ms Esha's email:)
Stage 3

Once Draft 1 is ready, share it with all members of one other group. Make a backup copy before sharing so that you have something to fall back on if the shared work is corrupted for any reason. Follow the sharing plan below.

Group 1 to Group 2
Group 2 to Group 3
Group 3 to Group 4
Group 4 to Group 5
Group 5 to Group 6
Group 6 to Group 1

All groups also share their drafts with me.

4. Stage 4

Once shared, all members of a group will access the other group's shared essay (draft 1) to give constructive feedback on:

i) Structure (based on what you have learnt before)
ii) Validity of points (based on topic)

Disregard language errors and typos at this stage.

I will also give my feedback where necessary.

Assignment 14.1

Poster and Video due tomorrow

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