Sunday, 31 August 2014

Reminder: End of Year Examinations

End of Year Exams-- Notes

Students are required to be in school uniform throughout the examination.

A student will receive zero mark for the paper as well as face disciplinary action if he/she commits any of the following:

-has in his/her possession within the examination venues any unauthorised electronic, communication, entertainment or gaming devices capable of capturing, storing, displaying and/or transmitting visual, audio or verbal information e.g. mobile phones, cameras, tablets and smart wrist watches, smart glasses or pens with image capturing capabilities

-has in his/her possession any unauthorised equipment or materials even if the candidate does not intend to use them e.g. glossary of mathematical terms, mathematical formula in the mathematical instrument box, study notes

-obtains or attempts to obtain or offers unfair assistance on the examination material (e.g. copying) before, during or after the examination

-communicates or attempts to communicate with any other candidate/person inside or outside the examination room during the examination duration

-commits or attempts any acts of dishonesty or cheating

-writes any offensive or obscene messages in his/her question booklets and/or answer scripts

-takes away from the examination room any writing paper, storage devices and other used or unused exam stationery

-exhibits improper conduct or behaviour during the examination.
  1. Students are to assemble quietly outside their classrooms at least 20 minutes before the commencement of each paper.
  2. Students are required to be seated at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the commencement of each paper.
  3. The national anthem will be sung at 0740h sharp on all examination days except for 29 September (Monday), when it will be sung at 0840h.
  4. Students who are late for any paper will not be given extra time.
  5. However, students who are late because of major public transport service disruptions
    or inclement weather will be given the full duration of time allocated for the paper(s).
  6. Students who are affected by such situations must report to the Chief Presiding Examiners, Mr Dennis Lam and Mrs Lim Woon Foong, outside the General Office
    immediately upon reaching school. 
  1. Students may be excused from sitting a paper only with the presentation of a formal medical certificate or for other reasons acceptable to the school.
  2. Students who are absent for any paper without acceptable reason will receive zero mark for that paper.
  3. Students are required to call the General Office (tel: 6571 7200) to report your absence before 0715h.
  4. Students will be required to sit missed paper(s) as practice papers under timed- conditions. The schedule for such practice papers will be made known to students as necessary.
     1.  Students are to sit according to register numbers and seating plans.

  1. Students are required to place their Student Pass, NRIC or foreign identification documents on the top right-hand corner of their desks, throughout the duration of the examination.
  2. Writing paper will be provided during the examinations.
  3. Students are required to bring their own writing and mathematical instruments such as
    pens, 2B pencils, soft erasers, approved calculators, set-squares, compasses,
    protractors, rulers and flexible rulers, as required.
  4. Students sitting Mathematics and Science papers will be allowed to use approved
    electronic calculators.
  5. Students sitting Mother Tongue Language Paper 1 will be allowed to use approved
  6. Students are not allowed to share the use of calculators, dictionaries or mathematical
  7. No student may leave the classroom before the scheduled end-time unless with
    permission from the invigilator.
  8. The dismissal time from school during examinations will be after the last paper.
  9. Students taking Mother Tongue Language lessons outside school may be excused from school on 26 Sep (Friday). 

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