Sunday, 3 August 2014

IH Level Test Details

Topics to be tested: 

1) Chapter 1 (Full Chapter)

2) Chapter 2

  • Asking Geographical Questions (p.20 - 26)
  • Collecting/interpreting data using Field Sketching and Photographs (p.30 - 33)
  • Collecting/interpreting data using Maps (p.38 - 43)
3) Chapter 3 (p. 72 - 105)
  • What are tropical rain forests?
  • What is deforestation?
  • Where are tropical rain forests found and which areas have been deforested?
  • Why does deforestation occur?
  • How does deforestation impact people and the environment?

Revision strategies

  • Go through your textbook content, lecture notes and class practice/work with concentration daily
  • Pace your revision e.g. 1 Chapter every day
  • Make notes as you revise - using mind maps, note cards etc (research has proven that making notes will boost your memory retention greatly)
  • Go through the practice paper (attached in this email) and test yourself again. Sit down and write out your answers! 
  • Make revision fun for yourself! Sketch/doodle on paper  to help you retain information e.g. one student recalls the process of soil erosion entering rivers through surface runoff and causing sedimentation in rivers....

  • ​If you have any doubts, clarify with your peers or teachers as soon as possible. Take charge of your own learning. Don't wait. 
  • With preparation and focus, pwn the IH paper with confidence. Never let the paper pwn you.

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