Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework 28-01-2014

Assignment 2.2 (by tomorrow)
Pg 11 of the notes and e.g. 5b (if possible)

Reflection Homework (by tomorrow)
Pg 2,3,5 & 6 of Refraction Notes

Integrated Humanities:
Aryabhatta's Memorial Design (3 February)

Art Design Media Technology:
Write story plot in Group Journal

Interdisciplinary Research Studies:
Individual Popplet (by Thursday 30 January)
**drop it into your shared IRS Folder**
Research Proposal (Group): (by next lesson, 4 February)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Creating a Brand

Each Group:
As a brand consulting company, you are to create a brand name, and a tagline/slogan (not more than 5 words)
Submission: Posted on class IE blog include <Group No.> <Group Names> <Brand> as your header.
To include a short explanation of the chosen brand name and tagline/slogan
Due Date: The day before the next IE Lesson

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